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Distributed systems concepts and design 4th edition pdf free download. Soyal ar721 user manual access control switch scribd. Tcpip module act busy link pc 5 721757h v3 721757h v3 727747h v3 soyal ar. And i also already connected the ar 727cm ch1 rs485 to ar 721h rs485. Soyal ar837 efsi lcd finger print access controller has 16000 user capacity, 32000 event log, 1 wg port external reader, antipass back, serial port, real time. Soyal access control system ar321 h ar331 h ar721h ar725 h ar757 h v140707 parts description contents e x1 e x1 f x2 f x2 f x2 c x2 a. Ar727cm rs485 ch1 rs485 ch2 usb ar321cm ar721u ar321h ar321h ar321h ar321h ar321h ar321h ar321h v101004 toggle, 0. The wiring process can be found on ar721k725k manual page 4 posted on our website. Soyal ar 837 efsi lcd finger print access controller has 16000 user capacity, 32000 event log, 1 wg port external reader, antipass back, serial port, real time. Door relay and lock use the same power supply, and n. Free download user guide, catalog, installation manual, user manual soyal access controller ar321h, ar721h, ar725h, ar757h this document was uploaded by 989me. We are manufacturers and stockists of an extensive range of access control and door entry products and systems including proximity readers, access keypads, audio and video door entry handsets and entrance panels. Product access controller ar101uh ar321h ar331kuh ar723u h ar721kh ar757h ar725khe ar327e ar727e ar837.

Support and knowledge base raytel security systems soyal. That is why wiring process required to change the wg reader output format into wg34. After all, what good is a rifle, submachinegun or machinegun that needs a vise, hammer, drift pins and special wrenches just to get it apart for cleaning. Soyal access control sstem ar727 h v5 v140701 ar821rb p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 3 1 2 5 4 contents 2 user guide the communication wires and power line should not be bound in the same conduit or tubing. Sep 22, 2018 soyal ar725har721h pdf soyal ar721h access control soyal ar321h 721h 725h 757h en free download as pdf file. Why access controller and wg reader show different. Soyal access control system v100322 ar721uar721kar725u ar725kar661u d x1 d x1 d x1 c x2 c x2 b x2 a x2 c x2 x2 x4 e x2 e x2 e x2 p1 p2 p3 125khz p1 p2 p3 125khz p1 p2 p3 125khz p1 p2 p3 p4 p5. Ar 727cm rs485 ch1 rs485 ch2 usb ar 321cm ar 721u ar 321h ar 321h ar 321h ar 321h ar 321h ar 321h ar 321h v101004 toggle, 0. Builtin proximity reader 1,024 user card capacity, 65,536 user card capacity in standalone mode. Please login the soyal web to download the new isp firmware. This version of soyal ar757h manual compatible with such list of devices, as. Tamper, force entrance, door open too long universal serial port supported for led display, printer, lift controller, etc. The default value 123456, if already changed the master code 876112, input 876112 program mode accessed. Dont equip reader and lock with the same power supply.

Access controller with touchpanel metal housing di do di wg authorized dealer access control gateway control parking management connect various serial devices lift control networking. That means you could have just one true ar15 the lower receiver or the part considered the gun and multiple uppers for multiple different calibers if you so desired. Ar721h series standalone controller networking reader soyal. Raytel house, 15 cutlers road, south woodham ferrers, chelmsford, essex cm3 5wa. Contents ar721k 1 product 2 user guide 3 terminal cables 4 tools ar.

Free download user manual soyal access controller ar321h. Keypad access controller ar721h introduction soyal access control. This car park access management will support up to 1024 users with antipassback function. Ar721 h access control system access controller 1 bicolor led and 1 beeper for identification builtin watchdog to prevent system from hanging ttl serial output for various application and lift control autolock of the keypad for 30 sec. Ttl serial supported for connecting external printer, led, etc. Hardcover photo books download free photobook software basic how to order photobook. Soyal access control system ar321har721h ar725har757h v090810 enter the program mode input 123456 or pppppp e. Ar721 hv3 125k standalone controllernetworking reader system architecture. Antipassback supported when integrating with other networking readers standalone controllers.

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